On January 21st, our gate door blew open in the wind and Lacie got out of our yard.  She ended up running to the Cooper River and fell into the ice, and the Collingswood police & fire along with 2 amazing people who called 911 heroically saved our dog. Lacie was 100 feet out in the river and swam for over 20 minutes before rescue works could break through the ice and swim to her. CBS news was on scene and did a news story.  She was then scanned and returned to us the same day. We cannot thank the Collingswood police & fire enough. They risked their lives to save our dog and we are eternally grateful! Lacie is doing well and we expect a full recovery.

  • Jody Goble:

    What a scary story. I’m so glad you got your adorable girl back safe and sound.

  • Carolyn Rybacki:

    That’s amazing!! What a great story. I’m glad she’s ok and home now.

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