One of my kids accidentally left the sliding door open on our back porch in our former apartment. At the time my mom was walking our Boston Terrier. An unleashed APBT came charging at my elderly mother and my dog. Binx saw this from inside my apartment and ran out of the apartment onto the deck, leaped over the railing and started attacking the dog just enough to distract it and then he ran off into the woods. I didn’t see Binx after that.

I went to my son’s school to drop him off and went to my children’s doctor’s office to drop off a form. I had received a text from PetLink on the 12th of November saying my cat was found and the text had a number to PetLink. Mind you my birthday was 5 days prior. I called PetLink and was immediately told where to get my cat. Binx was taken into a pet clinic inside a large pet retailer. I had one more matter to tend to before I headed to the place my cat was at. Binx was not in the location where we used to live, he actually ended up approximately 12 miles away. Binx was known as the “neighborhood” cat wherever he was found at that was about 12 miles or more from where we lived before we moved. A lady brought him to this pet clinic to have him scanned for a chip because she was going to keep him. Binx remembered us all and he adjusted very quickly to being home with us, even though we moved not too far from where he was taken from, where we lived before he disappeared.

Thank you PetLink for contacting me via text and phone call (to my home phone, my mom is listed along with another person on Binx’s profile) about Binx. He is home where he belongs with his now teenage “kid” that picked him out from the shelter over 5 years ago!

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