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Captain of the Neighborhood

I have a story to tell about a cat that I found abandoned and I ended up adopting. A cat was found on my property, a Maine Coon cat which I trapped (named him Captain Fluffypants) and took to have him fixed. However, according to Fix A Friend the cat I brought in was already…

December 26, 2019

Lost and Found Binx!

One of my kids accidentally left the sliding door open on our back porch in our former apartment. At the time my mom was walking our Boston Terrier. An unleashed APBT came charging at my elderly mother and my dog. Binx saw this from inside my apartment and ran out of the apartment onto the…

November 21, 2019

Where is my KatKat?

I rescued my cat KatKat when he was about 3 weeks old wandering the streets alone. I bottle fed him and he was like my baby. He’s always been an inside cat in the 3 years I’ve had him he has also had a collar with his name tag. One day about 2 months ago…

October 14, 2019

Alex the Alley Cat

Our cat Alex was an outdoor cat and came home every morning after a night of hunting. On the 16th of August, he just didn’t come home. He never wandered very far, but we had moved to a new house two weeks before so maybe he wandered farther than usual. We aren’t sure what happened….

September 27, 2019

Ben can’t Best PetLink

My cat Ben was taken to county animal control by someone in the area on 7/24. Ben is determined to go outside and with our busy household, it’s very very difficult to keep him inside, and he continually slips out of his collar. I was contacted by PetLink and by animal control on 7/25. I…

August 8, 2019

Oh Daisy Where are You?

Daisy escaped my house April 26th she was returned to us by June 11th!  A lady not too far away from my house had found her and took her to the vet. The vet scanned her and they notified the lady that Daisy was a missing cat PetLink notified me and I got her back!…

June 17, 2019

Crazy about Loco’s Return Home!

Our cat, Loco, shot out the door or our house and into the night when someone walked in.  9 days later a family about three miles north of our home saw him in their bushes. His collar was gone so they started feeding/watering him. They took him to a vet to check for a microchip….

May 16, 2019


Rogue was missing for 1 and a half YEARS before her caretaker brought her to the vet to get her ears checked.  The vet thought to scan Rogue and realized that she belonged to us! She was loed and will be missed by the finder, but we are SO happy to have her home! We…


Lucky Jack

On 2/18 our cat Jack went missing in the morning. I found a piece of a mutilated black and white cat next to my house. I didn’t believe it was Jack but my husband watched our surveillance cameras and saw a large fox drop the piece of the animal as my dogs scared him off….

May 9, 2019