State: Colorado
Posted: July 29, 2022
Author: Kristin Rapert

Pepper got our of our backyard by nosing our fence open. She is not a runner at all, but my husband was in the shower when it happened. When the elderly neighbor across the street saw her laying on our front yard, she lured her into her car with her peanut butter toast to take her to her vet about a mile away to keep her safe until we were contacted :).

She had forgotten we had a dog (we just moved in March), but because of Peppers chip, the vet called and emailed us right away and my kids were able to go pick her up and bring her back home. Even though she didn’t run away, we didn’t know what happened for about 30 minutes, but took comfort knowing we had a high chance of finding her because she has a microchip with updated info from PetLink!

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