State: Mississippi
Posted: September 28, 2018
Author: Lauri Gregory

I had to go out of town and left my beloved dog Sarge in the care of my daughter. My daughter let Sarge out into the fenced-in back yard, not knowing that the gate was open. She began doing laundry and got my grandson a snack. Within minutes, a nice couple spotted my beautiful dog on a busy road. When they opened their car door, Sarge hopped in, ready to go. They took her to the local vet who saw that she had the PetLink tag. The vet scanned the microchip and, within 30 minutes, my baby was home safe. I can’t thank this wonderful couple who stopped for Sarge enough and also PetLink who got her home to me. Without PetLink, this story could have easily ended in a different way.

  • B A Bailey:

    this web site is a God send.  Many lives saved and many reunited with family.  Keep up the good work.

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