State: Michigan
Posted: October 9, 2023
Author: Patricia and Tim Auletta

We went camping for a weekend in a area that was on the edge of a large state forest with our 14yr old long haired Chihuahua named Gizmo. Friday evening someone lit a firework near Gizmo and he freaked out and yanked off his collar. He ran out of sight to the Campground store. Before I got there someone had seen him and tried to grab and chase him. For 7 nights 6 days, through state forest, 2 counties over, and over 20 miles in the wrong direction Gizmo was hit by a car. He was brought into a area animal shelter and was scanned for a chip. They immediately called me and I took him straight to the vet. I am happy to report he actually made out okay. Few lacerations, bruising, and hairline fractures that don’t require surgery just rest and TLC. All of which this old man sure is going to get a lot of. We are home and healing. Thank you, PetLink!


    Wow! They need to make a movie about Gizmo’s big adventure. Just amazing.

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