State: New Jersey
Posted: October 25, 2022
Author: Kenneth Walker

My dog Scrappy has been missing for about a week. I truly believe that I would have never seen him again if it wasn’t for his PetLink microchip. The people that had him were 35 miles away from me. I believe they fully intended on keeping him. The only reason he was found is they had to take him to the vet. The vets office scanned him for a chip and bingo! My phone blew up! The vets office called. PetLink contacted me. Heck! Even my nephew called! He’s my secondary contact with PetLink. Anyways I contacted the people who had him. The girl asked if they could keep him. I politely denied their request and picked him up this evening. He’s sound asleep in his bed after some serious spoiling. Now Maybe I can get some sleep.

  • Terry & Vicky Puckett:

    I am so glad you got him back. But I can’t believe they tried to keep him. 

  • Kathleen:

    That was so sweet. I am so glad you have your baby back home safe and sound.

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