Pippa, a German Shepherd, is the daughter of my service dog, Mikella. I have MS. I began to train Pippa to replace her mother in service. When she was several months old, I became very sick and was unable to continue her training. I felt it was best for her to be in a home with people who could play with her and give her plenty of exercise. I placed her in what I thought would be her home forever. During the next year, I became well enough again to get out and enjoy life. I had missed Pippa enormously since she was gone.

One night I got a phone call from the PetSmart about an hour away from me stating that they had found Pippa wandering in their parking lot. They scanned her microchip and called PetLink who provided the information to contact me. I left immediately to go get her. When I got there and saw her, all I could think about was how a guardian angel and PetLink saved her life. She was painfully thin and obviously lost.

She was overjoyed to see me. She remembered every command I taught her as a puppy. She rejoined her family as if she had never been gone. 🙂

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