I took my dog, Lolita, an English Shepherd, out on an evening walk. I left the back gate open, like I usually do, since that is the way Lolita and I would come back home. On our walk I ended up running into a friend who came back to the house with us. Without thinking, I led my friend and Lolita, also known as Lola, through the front door instead, forgetting the back gate was open…

I was just winding down to go to sleep when I heard my phone ringing. Getting up to grab my phone, I also saw that I had an email. The message said that my dog had been found when I didn’t even know she was gone!!!!!! Thankfully, some good people found Lola and brought her to the closest vet to get scanned. Lola was also without her collar, as I had taken it off to go on our walk with the training collar instead. Luckily for Lola, she has a PetLink microchip and luckily for me, we are reunited and I am one Happy Dog Mom 🙂

  • Stacey:

    Yes Lola looks like my Australian Kelpie! They are cattle dogs. 🙂

  • Chrissy Acosta:

    Omg! I feel so much better now! We just adopted two  pups who  keep trying to sneak out but luckily are too scared to go far. Good to know that they can be tracked that quickly!!!

  • Carol:

    Dear dog mom,  I think you may be wrong about Lola’s breed.  We have owned several cattle dos/heelers, and you might want to have a DNA test done.  At least if the picture of Lola is the beauty above this article.  😊

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