I have three dogs, all of them chipped, and two of them got out. My Great Pyrenees, Carly, and my German Shepherd, Kato, pushed through a hole in the fence we didn’t know about. The Pyrenees had gotten home okay, but Kato was lost.

We live near a green belt and a highway, so me and the kids went looking for Kato on bikes. We went in the direction of the green belt but, in fact, we soon discovered, Kato had gone to the highway. He was picked up at a gas station where someone found him wandering. The finder brought Kato into a clinic and the clinic brought him home.

We realized that Kato must have crossed two busy roads to end up where he did. He was only gone an hour and a half, but, when there’s a highway in the frame, time is of the essence. The longer he roamed around on the road, the greater the danger.

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