State: New Mexico
Posted: August 17, 2018
Author: William Savada

My Jack Russell Watson pulled out of his collar as we were getting back into my car. It was 8:30 p.m. and dark and I drove around for over an hour trying to find him with no luck. I got back home and called PetLink to be sure that all the info they had on him was current, as well as adding a health update about Watson’s diabetes and insulin dose requirement. The following day I got a call from PetLink telling me that he had been found and brought to an animal shelter in a town about 20 miles from my home. PetLink gave me the phone number and name of the contact person at the shelter. I have Watson registered with a number of services but PetLink was the only registry that called me to let me know that my little guy had been found and where to go to reunite with him.

I learned the hard way through this episode that it is a great idea to have TWO collars, or a collar and a harness on your friend. One should be just for the leash and is the one that he or she might pull or slip out of. The other one should be the one with all of his or her ID tags.That way, if your dog slips out of his leash collar, the other collar or harness will remain on him and all of his ID tags will remain with him.

  • Tamera Parsons:

    Thanks for the advice and I am so glad you have your baby back! 

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