Zip was adopted as a kitten from a local shelter and had a bad eye. Eventually, it became clear that the eye would have to be surgically removed. The eye was taken out and Zip went home with our veterinarian, who wanted to watch him overnight. The next morning, Zip vanished from the vet’s kennel area. We searched the woods, we sent out alerts, we were unable to find him and assumed the worst… 

Seven weeks later, almost two months after Zip’s disappearance, I got a call from a shelter many miles away from where he had originally gone missing. He had been found by a good citizen and dropped off there for his safety. We were ecstatic! Zip was skinny, full of fleas and missing almost half of one ear. His collar and tag were gone so it was only thanks to his microchip that he was reunited with us within a couple of hours. Zip is recovering contentedly at home and we could not be happier!
  • Marie Vaillancourt:

    Wow! I am so happy to see that Zip who is such a special cat made it back to you.

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