Published on: June 25, 2023
Author: Lauren Piandes
Category: Pet Safety

As we experience warmer weather, we’re ready and willing to fling our windows get out in the yard, hang out on the porch, etc. But open doors and windows leave the perfect escape route for our pets! Here are some ways that we can prevent our pets from exploring on their own:

  1. Check the screens on your windows & sliding doors before opening them Before opening the doors and windows, check to see if they have holes in the screens. This is especially true for those who live in areas that experience harsher winters, as cold and heavy snow can do some serious damage! Checking beforehand reassures you that you won’t have any surprises later.
  2. Lock up pets when cleaning or airing out the house When the cleaning bug hits, put your pets away! As you’re airing out certain areas in your house, lock your pets in a room where the windows are not currently open. Leave them with some toys & water, then let them out again when you’re done with your cleaning spree.
  3. Deter them from hanging out near doors If your pet likes to hangout close to windows and doors to attempt an escape, here are some unharmful deterrents that could help:

For Cats:

  • Spray a citrus-smelling, non-toxic spray around the base of the door
  • Place a cat-tree near their favorite window so they won’t be as tempted to hang out near an open door
  • Positively reinforce your cat being away from the door. Example: giving them treats when they are near or on a cat-tree or in a different room

For Dogs:

  • Leave a barrier (such as a baby gate) between a room your dog is in and a door to the outside if you are going in and out a lot
  • Begin a training program positively reinforcing them when they are calm at the door
  • Keep your pet tired (easier said than done!) so they don’t have as much energy to escape. Example: If you’re doing a lot of chores that require an open door in the afternoon, take your pup out for playtime or a long walk in the morning

Remember, you should always sign in and update your contact information in PetLink at least annually to ensure you have the most updated contact information available should your pet make a break for it.  We also have a selection of collars and collar tags on our store that you can personalize with your pet’s name and microchip number. Have a safe and happy summer!