3 Years Gone, Now He’s Home for Good

Author: Lauren Piandes

Steerpike was lost for three years.  A kind gentleman named Don found him living in his backyard and fed/cared for him until it was time for him to leave for a yearly European trip.  He brought Steerpike to our vet and they exclaimed that he had been reported missing and scanned him. Don brought Steerpike […]

Annie was found after 3 years!

Author: Lauren Piandes

My Annie got out of her home one evening in the summer of 2019 and never returned. We searched for her for days, weeks, and then years. we never gave up hope and made sure her PetLink and missing notifications were all up to date. After 3 years, in the summer 2022, Annie was found by […]

National Lost Pet Prevention Month Series #2: Moving to a New Home

Author: Lauren Piandes
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Moving to a new place is stressful, but it’s even more stressful for pets. Dogs are most at risk the first 30 days after a move, as they are not acclimated to their new home. Besides wishing desperately that our pets could simply tell us how we feel, we must do our best to prepare […]