Posted: January 25, 2021
Author: Leslie Forehand

John went missing in May of 2008! I searched for him for 6 YEARS! After 6 years I began to give up hope and feared the worst. Every year I would Make sure to update my information just in case.

August 26, 2020 I received a call that he was found ALIVE! I couldn’t believe it. It was a whirl wind of emotions and gratitude.

After a day of settling he’s just about back to his old self! He remembers me and won’t stop cuddling and purring. He wakes me up all night nuzzling me giving me his kitty kisses. I missed him so much!

Thank you PetLink! I have my baby back!

  • Rachelle Bowman:

    This made me cry!!! I’m so happy for you.  

  • Nancy Nance:

    WOW!!  Just wow…and what a wonderful blessing…so glad you were diligent and he was able to find his way home as a result.  This story makes my whole year!!

  • Francess Bond:

    Amazing! I’m glad you two found each other again!

  • Meredith Bennett:

    What a BLESSING for you both….

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