State: Missouri
Posted: September 8, 2021
Author: Lori Westhues

Starsky is my empty nester pooch.  He came to us as a rescue dog.  He hates loud noises.  In April of this year, 5 months ago, we had a pop up storm and it thundered.   My husband tried to get Starsky in the house, but Starsky just kept running.  We hadn’t seen him since that day.  On September 4th, I got a text from PetLink saying Starsky had been found.  A wonderful couple had been seeing him running around and started leaving out food and water for him.  They couldn’t catch him.  They decided to call a trapper who caught him and checked for a chip.  That chip is what brought Starsky back home!

  • Edward Jaeckel:

    Proof that the pet link chip system saves pet lives and brings them home instead of to a pound or petnapper. I have had all my dogs chipped since 2002 and would never think of adopting another without chipping them.

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