Raven got away from us on July 9th. Our child let her off her leash and she normally comes back but this time she didn’t. The next day we made flyers to place around our neighborhood and posted on Facebook that she was missing. A few days later on July 14th, we got a call from Winnebago County Animal Services in Illinois, 500 miles from our home in Nebraska, saying they scanned our dog’s microchip and they were able to contact PetLink to get our contact information!

That night we drove 7 hours to drive up there and we got our baby back. Turns out the guy that found Raven actually picked her up in Iowa at a rest stop and he brought her back to Illinois. He kept her for four days and she broke out of his house – that’s how Winnebago County found her and they were able get in touch with us.

We are so glad we have her back she’s such a wonderful dog. We can’t thank PetLink enough for helping us get Raven back home – it was the greatest investment we ever made!

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