Heart-warming pet reunification stories. Tell us your story today!

Clover is Home!

I texted “HOME” in response to your text this past Friday. I wish I could thank the people who called the PetLink tag on her collar! I also want to thank you for facilitating such a wonderful service to pet owners everywhere. I first learned about Pet Link through Clover’s vet, Ebensburg Animal Hospital, who…

December 5, 2019

Lucy, You’ve Got Some ‘Splainin’ to do!

Our sweet Irish Setter, Lucy, ran away on November 18th, 2019. That same day we were reunited with her in about an hour after she got loose. My son and I have just moved into a new house in a new town. It was the 1st day our dogs were at the house. Lucy saw…

November 21, 2019

Come Back Finn!

Finn was found at the elementary school, about a ¼ mile from my house. I was very thankful I was notified that he had been found, and that he was safe. He had escaped a few times before, so we had him microchipped in September as a precaution. Just a month later, even after making…

November 13, 2019

Quick Escape and Return

Cletus left his yard yesterday, August 27. His battery was dead on his collar. An employee of a local boat builder found him and called PetLink. Then I was notified. I am so thankful that Cletus is chipped!

August 28, 2019

Fast Harley

I had surgery and had not been feeling well, so for the second time in two weeks I thought I had closed the driveway gate but I hadn’t. The first time I realized it almost immediately and got right in the car and picked him up! On Thursday, 8/22 I did the same thing but…

August 26, 2019

Bad Dean!

On August 5th my dog Dean escaped from house through an open window, right through the screen! I had just moved to a new house so my new neighbor up the street who I did not know, picked Dean up. They took him to a local Vet who read his chip and called me.  I…

August 7, 2019

Marley’s Quick Escape

On July 26th our beautiful Husky/Corgi doggie, Marley, bolted out of the house when our daughter opened the front door. She is the fastest dog I have ever seen, and within seconds I had lost sight of her. We drove around the neighborhood looking for her, but with no luck. Thirty minutes later, I received…

July 31, 2019

Tavi’s Day Out

Our dog got out of the backyard of a friend who was dog-sitting for us on the 28th of July. Someone, we don’t know who, brought out dog to a Dumb Friends League Shelter the same day! Dumb Friends league called Petlink and Petlink texted us to know our dog’s whereabouts. We called the shelter…


Bubbles’ Big Leap

Bubbles jumped a 5′ tall fence in our back yard on July 7th, 2019. I looked for her along our usual walking routes but couldn’t find her. As I was looking for her chip information, we received a call from the local animal hospital. A local girl had found her and was caring for her…

July 11, 2019