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My partner and I decided to vacation to Utah to celebrate Regina’s birthday. The…

October 14, 2021
Lindsay Lagasse

Thank you, PetLink!

Handsome was lost 3 years ago and found today 7/21/21.  It’s a miracle that he…

July 27, 2021
Thomas and Nancy Overfield

Home after 2 Years!

Last week I received a surprise phone call. We had a cat that we thought was deceased for almost two years. I was at work when I received a call from the Ocean City Humane Society asking me if I was the owner of Hercules. I almost dropped the phone! He has been gone for…

July 7, 2021

Tarzan was Found!

My Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital had Tarzan’s chip number. Tarzan became…

May 11, 2021
Kay Durkee

Abi’s Close Call with Coyotes

Well, my Abi got out one day, her chain with identification must of came off. She snuck off to a neighbors up the street who was trying to trap her cat which had gotten out, however she caught my cat. Thankfully, Abi was brought into the pound a day later and they scanned her and…

May 6, 2021

Bringing home the Bacon

November 2019 we moved to a new home. We took the pets last thinking that would be easier for them. As we were getting Bacon in the car he got really scared and bolted. We searching for hours, put up signs and came back to the neighborhood often in search for him. Out of no…

April 26, 2021

Cinco’s Big Return

It’s a microchip success story! My baby, Cinco, has been missing since October. He was found right before the winter storm hit by Good Neighbors Animal Rescue, 5 miles away from my home! Thank you so much to his rescuers and PetLink for reuniting me with my baby! And reminder to everyone: CHIP YOUR PETS!

March 1, 2021

12 years 4 months missing!

John went missing in May of 2008! I searched for him for 6 YEARS! After 6 years…

January 25, 2021
Leslie Forehand

68 Days without Tazz

Tazz went missing on August 15th. We spent several hours over the first couple weeks looking for him. Then we made lost cat posters with his picture and hung them in the surrounding area and posted his information on the nextdoor app and Facebook. My spouse went to the animal shelter and rescue locations checking…

November 10, 2020