Raja went missing about six months ago, he was not prone to wandering so it was very strange when our other cats came home after a few hours out and he did not come home, it was a rainy day and we figured he would come back later that day. He did not come back and we search the neighborhood and put it flyers and, called different vet offices and reported him missing with pet link and did all the things we could think to do.

We thought that for sure he was gone forever until I got a text message and a phone call that someone had found him! He was somehow 14 miles away from the home. A good Samaritan had been giving him food and had tried calling the number on his caller several times, which did not work, not realizing that the number on his collar was his microchip number and not a phone number. It wasn’t until this woman’s daughter looked at the tag and saw there was a one 800 number and called that number to report him.

We picked him up that same day and brought him home, we are so thrilled to have him back. I’m so happy that he is in good shape despite being a little skinny and needing to recover from living on his own. What actually helped him be found was the collar tag that we had put on his collar. He still has his collar and tag which speaks to the quality of that collar that he did not lose it over six months of being away from home. We are so grateful that we had him chipped and that he found his way to someone who was able to report him. He is now at home, enjoying life with his brothers and sister.

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