My Annie got out of her home one evening in the summer of 2019 and never returned. We searched for her for days, weeks, and then years. we never gave up hope and made sure her PetLink and missing notifications were all up to date. After 3 years, in the summer 2022, Annie was found by a kind person who thought they were feeding a stray. They decided to take Annie to the vet for care. The vet scanned her microchip and alerted me immediately!

Here she is today at home safe and resting after a very long amazing journey. Proof that you’re never too silly for not giving up hope. Thank you, PetLink!

  • Elizabeth Bertolazzi:

    So glad you never gave up on her and that you are reunited at last! <3

  • Kaki:

    That’s awesome! Wouldn’t you love to know where she was all that time?  

  • Sheila mkndour:

    My guy has Petlink too!  Hard to keep the faith for 3 years…so glad u got her back!!

  • Dmitriy Zaslavskiy:

    This is amazing! I’m glad you were reunited!


      Thank you!!

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