State: Florida
Posted: December 2, 2017
Author: Beverly Kozain

My two adopted shelter dogs escaped one afternoon and, after driving around and waiting for them to come back home they never did. I was very sad and disappointed that the larger one had managed to pull a Houdini again and coerce her sister into an afternoon of roaming and getting into mischief.

The next morning, I was getting ready for work and my phone rang. It was the local vet’s office just about two blocks from my home. They said that a lady had corralled both girls into her pen and brought them the next morning to see if there was a chip. Luckily both dogs, being animal shelter dogs, were chipped and that is how they located me. I was able to pick them up within ten minutes and bring them back home. They are now under adult supervision at all times so that ‘Circque de Doggie’ doesn’t find more Houdini ways to escape the back yard!!  Thank you for the help, PetLink!! 

  • Hannah Crummett:

    Awesome!!  I just got my chiweenie, Oxford, chipped this morning and I got on here to register him, but now I’m stuck reading these stories and crying. 😂 PetLink was the best money I’ve ever spent! 

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