State: Florida
Posted: April 5, 2023
Author: Christine Machado

Theon went missing at beginning of November 2022. We thought he was just off wandering for a few days like cats do (even though he’s neutered). After 3-4 days we got worried and we started checking shelters. He was chipped but I hadn’t registered him! I did it as soon as I thought of it but worried it was too little too late. Weeks went by and then weeks turned into months. We were so sad and assumed something terrible happened to him.

Yesterday, almost five months later, I received notifications from PetLink that he had been picked up by county animal services! I couldn’t believe it! 100% true. He is back at home and happy to be with the family and all our other pets again. I vow to keep all our pet info up to date on PetLink and even added pets whose chips came with a different service since PetLink has saved us once I know their service works and we can count on them in the future.

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