When my daughter moved from our home in Washington state into her first apartment in Texas, she had a hard time and was lonely. I brought our kitty, KC, down to help her for a time. She called just a few weeks later to tell me that he was lost and that she had to move to South Carolina. I was devastated and searched every day for hours on shelter websites and Craigslist. I thought a shelter had found KC, and I was on the next flight down, only to find out it wasn’t our kitty. This went on for three months and my heart was broken. Our baby was missing across the nation and I felt so helpless.

PetLink is the one and only reason we have our kitty home with us today.
PetLink has a wonderful database where you can upload your pet’s current information and picture. One morning I received a phone call that someone had brought him into a vet to have his microchip scanned. It was an absolute miracle for us! I also received an email immediately from PetLink when KC was scanned thousands of miles away.

The man who found KC living outdoors noticed a PetLink tag on his collar which prompted him to have KC’s microchip scanned. Even though my kitty was clear across the United States, we were miraculously reunited! When we were reunited, KC saw me and began purring before I had even petted him. KC managed to survive outdoors during that whole period and he is safely home with us again.

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