I was traveling for business in Atlanta when I received an alert from PetLink that my two Red Miniature Pinschers Chloe and Stryker had been located via their microchips. A quick call to PetLink and I had all the information I needed to have my family back home rescue the two of them from doggie jail.

After moving to our new home in DC, we installed a fence surrounding our new one-acre backyard. The minions loved it. However, they also managed to locate a spot low down on the fence to wiggle under.

The panic of getting that alert from five states away was matched only by the relief I felt that I HAD gotten the alert from five states away!

  • KevinKt:

    _____1234______From Panic To Relief – Together again – PetLink_____1234______

  • Danielle Winne:

    Yaaaaay! Glad your puppers are okay after such a long & unplanned trip! (Also I smiled that you call them “minions.” That’s what I call my cats!)

  • Charles Richey:

    Glad to hear everything turned out ok. I recovered my lost Peke after 18 months missing. She escaped from our home in Las Vegas to be picked up by someone in the neighborhood that kept her and moved to Iowa. She escaped from her a year and a half later. Only because she was chipped did I get her back.


      Wow Charles!  I’m glad you got her back. Idk what I would do.  My two dogs are my everything 

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