When we got Toby he was a big mess. We found him on the road driving home as a teeny, tiny puppy. We nursed him back to health, gave him shots and a microchip. We raised him to eight weeks and realized he needed more space than what we had. He’s a Walker Coonhound and they need a ton of space. So, to do what’s best for Toby, we had given him to somebody with a farm.

We got a call from the pound, just a few months after Toby went to the farm. The pound said, “We have Toby”. I said, “Are you sure?” I went and got him, brought him home, and me and my husband made the decision that, whatever it took, we would keep Toby. It may be that the person who took him from us didn’t treat him well. He was incredibly skinny when we got him back.

He’s silly, he’s hyper. Toby runs into walls. He’s not not the shiniest, he’s more of a goofball. He’s hilarious but I love him, I do, I love him to death. Now we have Toby back we have moved to a bigger place because our Toby is a special little boy.

He got the name Toby because Toby Keith, a country singer, was playing in the when we picked him up off the road as a pup. Toby started howling so we changed the music. He stopped every time until we changed it back and he howled along again. His real name is Toby Keith.  My kids adore him. My 19-month-old rides on his back and pulls his ears. He’s such a loving dog. When he’s tired of the kids, he goes to his kennel to lie down. What a spoiled dog – soon he’s graduating from a kennel to a whole room for himself!

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