Our Bobbie boy, our grey Tabby cat, is back with us! We were sick with worry while he was gone. We placed an ad in the newspaper, we went door to door with his picture and our phone number and were taking alternate routes to and from work. I kept a can of food and a blanket in my car in case I saw him on the streets or dying on the side of the road.

Bob was missing for almost two months. We prayed and cried and our friends kept helping us to look for him. The wonderful people that took him in had seen Bob wandering so they’d fed him and, of course, then he kept hanging around. They said he was so sweet and skinny and loveable that they decided to keep him. That’s when they took him to the vet and discovered his microchip.

I bawled like a baby when PetLink connected us and we had Bob back within an hour. He’s on medications now and only weighs 6.2 lbs. I don’t think he would have survived many more days. Thanks to this kind lady, Cheryl, to her husband and to the PetLink microchip, our twelve-year-old Bobbie is back home and will soon be healthy again. He is so happy to be home and his punishment is a lifetime of kisses and a locked cat door. Thank you so much for the part PetLink played in the return of our Bobbie.

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