State: Texas
Posted: November 9, 2018
Author: Steve Gutierrez

I’m a disabled man living on my own, and the only thing I have is my dog BearBear. So, I was worried when she went missing from her yard one evening. Turns out she’d made a hole in the fence that I’ll be fixing ASAP! The temperature dropped that night to 32 degrees for four hours, so I was worried about her finding a good place to rest the night out… Come day break, I was out there looking for BearBear, but she was nowhere to be found and, after the third day, I was losing hope.

A friend got in touch with a local animal rescue center who put out the word on their social media. Well, it turned out someone had found my BearBear and taken her to an animal hospital she had been to once before. Thanks to a good-hearted person, she was turned into a facility that would look after her really well. As soon as I got the call from PetLink at around midnight, I went right over to get BearBear. I brought her home, gave her a good bath and a meal, and my gallivanting gal slept in till noon the next day!

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