State: Texas
Posted: August 9, 2021
Author: Patricia Underwood

Brody is a 9 year old Husky mix who’s life goal is to escape the backyard and run free! We take him to doggy daycare twice a week to run with his friends, but it’s just not enough for him. Little things such as: not knowing his way home, not understanding cars, the fact that we live in Texas and there are rattlesnakes and even coyotes,  do not faze him in the least.  All he sees is a squirrel and he is gone!  We have a high fence, but our uncaring homeowners association only allows wood fences and believe it or not, he eats his way through them!

August 4th I called him to come in and eat supper and he was gone. We found another big hole in the fence AND in the process he had lost his collar, so he has nothing to identify him.  Usually this means he can only get to the neighbors and I go and retrieve him from their yard, but they had left their gate open and he was just gone.  We hunted all over the neighborhood, but not a trace.  I was devastated! I made up flyers I was going to put up in the morning. Needless to say, it was a long night.

But thanks to a wonderful good Samaritan who came across him,  convinced Brody to come to him and took the time to have him checked for a microchip and PetLink’s service identifying us. We had him back the next day!  He was found in the next town!  I don’t know how he got that far without being hurt, but I know without PetLink it’s unlikely we would have found him that far away.  Thank you Good Samaritan and PetLink, you are my heroes!

  • Gary J Myers:

    I have two dogs by my side, all the time for the last 55 years. There’s nothing better then havin ur two best buddies, Chase n Charlie always being there for me. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS ALL U AND THEY NEED.  My dogs are also chipped, and wouldn’t have it any other way. U never know when it will happen 

  • Ellen:

    I had dog who would chewed through our wood fence too.   We “lined” the bottom of our fence with tin panels.  There was an old barn being torn down near us, so we repurposed the tin roof.   It gave us a rustic look.  Since it was inside the fence, facing our yard, our HOA couldn’t complain.   I’m sure there are other products that could be used, just didn’t want Brody to have another unscheduled adventure.  

  • Linda S Bradley:

    We have two dogs. An elder pug and a Golden Retriever of 6 months. Both are chipped but I actually had not thought of my registering outside the docs office. I think tomorrow I will get taken care of. Thanks to those that shared there stories.

  • southern proud:

    I have two shetland sheepdogs.  one I have been blessed to know for 15 years now.  he is the perfect dog. never has  chewed up anything, nor trashed anything.  over the years, I have given him brothers and sisters to play with, and he has welcomed each and every one with love and kindness.  shared bowls of food, toys, the list is endless.  even has taught the wee ones the ropes.  potty training was a breeze, as he personally became their tutor.  I had a malamute last as his sister, and she passed from cancer.  he grieved as hard as we did.  that is when I decided to get him another sister.  she is now 4.  she has kept him young.  he does everything or tries to, that she does.  I am so blessed with these two.  both of course are chipped.  I have a fenced backyard, and neither are allowed out day or night, without me.  so much can happen with unattended dogs.  I have “lost” only two in my 70+ years of having dogs, and both were recovered within seconds.  I can only imagine the pain of losing one for a long time.  

  • Paulette:

    My dog does have a Petlink chip but he also wears a buckle collar with a small metal plate attached flat and laterally with my name, phone no., and my city/village name that was imprinted at a local feed supply store.  This was very important when he escaped from doggy daycare and was found when he was fished out of someone’s pool in a gated community.  She was able to read his info and she called me late on a Fri eve when vet practices with chip readers would have been closed.  Keeping Petlink updated with current contact info or alternative contacts is so very important!

  • Judy:

    I have both of my dogs chipped with Petlink. My older dog never leaves the yard.  The large dog 2 years old does not like collars and has chewed up over a dozen collars. His first chew on collar was the plastic red tag. I suggest the tags be made out of metal. The older dogs tag is still on his collar, but not readable.  

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