My cat Dante snuck out one cold night. I looked all over our neighborhood for weeks looking for him. The temperatures began to drop below freezing along with rain and snow. I began to lose hope especially since we live in coyote country. I had many dreams of him returning home, or finding Dante on my way home from work. One afternoon I was driving home on my lunch break. I began to daydream about finding my cat and having to call my boss saying I would be late back from lunch. As soon as I got home I checked my cell phone, and the first thing I saw was a text message from Petlink saying, Dante has been”. I thought I was hallucinating. I then listened to a voicemail from the local animal shelter saying they have my cat. I also received an email from Petlink saying Dante was found. I called my bisd and told I would be late because my cat had been found. I raced to the animal shelter and was reunited with my sweet boy after six long weeks

  • Shannon:

    What a blessing for both you and Dante!! 🐱

  • jmg:

    I can only imagine how relieved and happy both you and Dante must feel!  Yaaaayyyy 🙂

  • Rich:

    I could only imagine what you went through! Thank God he was found safe and sound!  Take care.

  • Ruth:

    So very happy for you!!!

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