I arrived home after a long day at work and was met by Carol, my Shih Tzu Tripp’s babysitter. Carol comes by to take Tripp outside and feed him when I am stuck at work for a longer period of time. When I walked into my garage, I knew something was wrong. Carol had accidently left the door open a bit and Tripp escaped.

After hours of looking for him, putting out posters and talking to neighbors, I was getting very scared that I would not see Tripp again. After searching for hours on end, I finally decided that someone had possession of him. I was right. About five houses down from me, a very kind lady, who also owned a Shih Tzu, had seen Tripp booting it down the street as fast as he could run.

She knew he belonged to someone in the area. So, she picked him up and took him to her house for the night. The next day, she took him to a nearby vet in the area. They read the microchip at this vet’s office, contacted PetLink and a match was made!

PetLink contacted me and notified me about Tripp and his location. I literally flew to the vet’s office and there he was! I don’t know who was happiest, Tripp, the employees at the vet’s office or me! You have no idea how happy I was to find my boy. I highly recommend having a microchip for all of your pets that you dearly love and care for. Trust me, PetLink ROCKS!

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