Porter, my big, black, male cat, disappeared for the second time in April 2012. After his first disappearance we found him through PetLink over five miles away. I wish he could talk!

After going missing this April though, he wasn’t found again until six months later. The reunion happened through his PetLink microchip again. Porter was brought in to a vet for a check-up by someone who found him and kept him for a month.

Porter had been over two miles away, living near an orchard. He was not starving when he came home to us, in fact he had gained four pounds. He is an excellent hunter, bringing home lizards and birds all the time. In the orchard he must have had a field day with rats and mice!

Now that Porter is home, we have decided to keep him housebound and suffer through his loud cat voice. He really wants out, but the only way will be on a leash, like a dog, under my control. I don’t know what we would attach it to though, since he shakes off collars when he has had them. Another reason we could not have recovered Porter without a chip. Welcome Home, Porter!

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