Billie, our Xoloitzcuintli, loves to sunbathe and was outside on his bed on our patio. The lawn care team had come the day before and we did not realize they had left the back gate open. I was at work and got an email from PetLink at the same time my husband was frantically calling because he discovered Billie was gone.

The PetLink email gave us the number to call the clinic that scanned for his microchip. The Good Samaritans that found Billie were transporting him to a 24-hour clinic and I was able to call there just as they arrived. My husband set out to get Billie right away and within fifteen minutes, had him back with our family.

Billie has very short hair and wearing a collar all day causes skin irritation. We take the collar off throughout the day to avoid this. Thus, there were no identifying tags so the PetLink microchip was the only way we were able to relocate him. I am so glad we purchased a PetLink microchip for Billie and very grateful for the service PetLink provided.

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