State: Missouri
Posted: April 22, 2024
Author: Kimberly Wright

Bill got out and the humane society picked him up. He was scanned and we were notified. We had a nice reunion, then two days later he was out again. A nice woman found him and called Petlink. PetLink called me and connected me with her. After a 2 mile drive, we picked him up from a beauty salon customer. My sons came over and repaired my fence, so hopefully there will be no more outings for Bill. Thank you PetLink!

  • Terri Seay:

    A reminder that during fireworks many dogs get scared; that noise!!  Even if you’ve had your dog 10 years or more they CAN suddenly become fearful of storms, lightning and/or fireworks. It only takes 1 time of them getting scared & they get out of the yard & run, run. Suddenly, they’re miles from home and lost. Their chip info isn’t updated, or they’re not chipped and your pup is gone or is hit by a vehicle.
    PLEASE PLEASE always assume your pup hates storms & fireworks and keep them entertained. My Akita was about 14 when she became scared of storms so I’d make up her bed in the laundry room when we had storms.
    It only takes ‘the first time’ for a pup to be scared & bolt then they’re lost forever. Be safe & aware they count on YOU to protect them!!

  • Sheila:

    He looks like a husky mix… And they are supposed to be an escape  artists!  Sounds like the fence was the problem.  I had my dog chipped at SNAP in Houston when I found him as a six month old puppy wandering around in a Catholic cathedral in San Antonio! I have been very pleased with PetLink communication, usually at least monthly it reminds you to keep the contact information current. Well worth those reminders because without info being current, they can’t contact the owners!

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