State: Missouri
Posted: December 20, 2021
Author: Ambrosia Ferree

I adopted Cheeks in 2017, along with another cat named Lady that she was caged with. Every time I would take one out, the other would start crying for the other so I did not want to separate them. After moving in with my abuser, there was a day where things got really bad. I ran away from the house and had to leave both cats at the house with him. I had to relocate and live with my parents for a few months, and they did not want to take on any animals, so I just had to leave them there (I was moving 4 hours away with no possessions).

As time went on I was notified by friends that my other cat, Lady, had ran away. I am still actively looking for her. However, I was told Cheeks was given away to another family. I did not have much say in this due to the circumstances so by the time I got my new place, I did not even know where to start in searching for her. Well, last week I was driving home from work and I got an email/text that Cheeks was found in a shelter that was nearly 60 miles from where she was left. We are now reunited, but she has now gained tons of weight, has a full winter coat (she was a strictly indoor cat so to see this was a huge change). and she has a new habit of using the bathroom in our bathtub. She recognized me the moment she caught my scent and started purring loudly after just sounding possessed when the workers at the shelter were handling her.

I cannot stress enough the happiness I feel, and the relief that she is home. I will continue to search for her mate and bring her home too. I am so grateful to the shelter that drilled into my brain that I needed to make sure their microchips are registered and to PetLink to bring my family back together again. I cannot thank you enough.

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