State: Texas
Posted: June 8, 2022
Author: Brooke Woelke

Turnpike was originally my ex boyfriends dog, but I was the one who took him to the vet and updated his info and got him a microchip. On paper, he’s my dog. After we broke up, I had no choice but to leave him with my ex, who gave him away without telling me. I got a call saying ‘Turnpike has been found’ and was able to chat with the man who found him and discovered he had been on the street for two weeks. The kind man spent a week gaining his trust to catch him. He had no collar and without the microchip I never would have gotten him into a safe home.

  • Loretta Murphy:

    So glad you got you baby back ❤️ He looks like the best boy!

  • Dee Lower:

    I agree with the writer who said she thinks Turnpike planned his getaway knowing he’d be reunited with you! Congratulations 🍾 

  • Gina V:

    Wonderful story! Turnpike looks so happy – maybe he planned the getaway from your inconsiderate ex!!!!

  • Sue Pinckney:

    What a beautiful boy!! Your Ex does not deserve Turnpike or YOU! Love that sweet dog with all of your heart!!

  • Chelsea V:

    OMGGG!! I am so glad you got him back!! Thank you for loving that sweet boy!

  • Suzie Akerblom:

    It’s a blessing you got him back. That’s how I got my rescue pup.

  • Sandra White:

    So glad Turnpike was able to be reunited with you! 

  • Fina:

    So glad you got Turnpike back.   Also glad the boyfriend’s gone. Apparently he doesn’t know a good thing.

  • Sheila Monsour:

    Sounds like ur ex-boyfriend just turned him out.  Hope that wasn’t the case, but sooo glad u got him back!  Love his name!  

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