We recently moved (like a week before he escaped) and have a shorter fence than we had before. I know it has been a stressful time for Rommel with boxes and movers and strange people coming in and out to hook up cable, alarms etc.

Rommel was outside for maybe 2 minutes in our fenced backyard, and when I went to let him in from going potty, he was gone. He’s incredibly athletic and jumped our wrought iron fence.

Our old house is 1 mile away, so I had hopes he would go there, but no luck. He was wearing a collar with tags when he escaped.

We drove around and looked and looked, but he was gone. Someone had picked him up, collarless, a few streets over. The guy that found him took him to a vet near his home. We were surprised when a vet 30 miles away scanned him, and thankfully we got the call an hour and a half later that he was safe! We would probably never had seen him again if he had not been microchipped.

We could not imagine our lives without our sweet, very athletic fence jumping boy. He headed straight to the oven to see what was for dinner when he got home 🙂 Rommel has a new collar and tag, but the microchip is the best thing ever!

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