I have been reunited with my dog, Scout. She’s a beautiful, black brindle Mixed Breed. I have three dogs and they enjoy walking together and often they play while on the leash. One Saturday morning, I was walking Scout and my other two pets, Bunker and Ranger. My niece drove by in her red Jeep and Scout and Ranger began to play. Somehow, Scout got out of her collar and while I attempted to get her, I dropped the leash. Scout and Ranger both went on an excursion into the woods.

I searched for them for several hours. Then, I received a cell phone call from the King George Animal Shelter in my area. A lady who lives about five miles from my house found both Scout and Ranger in her back yard. She took them to the shelter. The shelter scanned Scout and called me. I was very relieved when I received the call and both pets were fine.

All three of my dogs are rescue dogs and they mean the world to me. Thank you for this outstanding service and for maintaining the locator databases at PetLink.

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