Thanks for this opportunity to thank you, PetLink, for helping us reunite with our dog, Jake, on Wednesday July 10. Jake has developed a tremendous fear of thunderstorms and acts irrationally when he believes one is in the area. Jake is usually a well-behaved three-year-old Labrador/Whippet mix. He has never run away before, but did so twice in two weeks. Both times he ran out the front door when I opened it to retrieve a package. The first time, I saw him and was able to catch up with him in a neighbor’s open garage. The second time, however, he slipped out without my even seeing him and I was totally unaware he had escaped!

When my husband and I realized Jake was gone approximately 20 minutes later, we headed out on foot to look for him. After searching in a deluge, we came home and got in our van to drive through the neighborhood. My husband got out to check on the golf course nearby and I called our vet to let them know Jake was missing. That’s when our vet’s office told me that a kind person had brought Jake to them.

The staff had checked his chip and verified it was our Jake. Needless to say, we drove immediately to the vet’s office and picked up our terrified dog. When we got home, we found your phone message, cell phone message and email letting us know Jake had been found. We are so happy all three of our pets, Jake, Emma and Katie the cat, have the chip and are registered with PetLink! Thanks for the terrific service.

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