I heard Pete bark around 10 at night. He’s not a barker, so I got up to look out the window. But before I got there he stopped barking so I went to bed. Next morning I got up and Pete was gone. I live in the country in Coffeyville, Kansas where it’s heavily wooded and covered with lots of weed. I went out looking for Pete for half an hour and had just decided it was a lost cause when I came back to the house to discover two emails and two phone calls saying he’d been found.

Pete was 17 miles away. He has no street smarts and has never been in the road before, so I wondered how he got so far. I learned someone had taken him home, kept him overnight and then took him to Independence in Oklahoma to the vet’s office. The vet who scanned him called me, I drove up and there was Pete. It was wonderful! I’m 84 and he’s my constant companion – I love him to death.

The man who found him has come by with his wife to visit with me and Pete. They have six dogs of their own so, to say thank you, I made big batch of doggy treats. Pete gets one at bedtime. He’s got a good life and I’m doing a lot better now I’ve got him back. I’m very thankful – the best money I ever spent was when I had the chip put in.

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