I have a standard Yorkie. I haven’t had him very long, only a month, but the people who had him before sold him because he’s always escaping! I was trying to teach him to stay put and one day I opened the door and he zoomed off. He ran over to a mall where people saw his blue tag and took him to be identified at PetSmart.

PetLink was fabulous! I could not believe how quick it was. I was looking for him for an hour but PetLink called me real quick. The person who found Jagger was smart enough to go look and see if he was chipped. When Jagger was scanned, PetLink were right on it. I’m very impressed.

He’s been an indoor dog but he’s a digger also. It’s yet another way for him to escape. He’s getting better, he used to be gone in the blink of an eye. Now, if I give him a command to get back in the house he does what I say. He’s in a good home now and getting lots of attention. I like to go camping where Jagger could get away, so it’s very reassuring that wherever we are, PetLink can help.

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