Bertie is an adventurous cat and can’t wait to go outside in the morning, rain or shine. He doesn’t stay in his yard but goes into the green area next door (L.A. County Flood Control has an area beside a channel overgrown with shrubs and wild plants). He is home by dinnertime, late afternoon, usually.

Two years ago on New Year’s Eve he came home early with a shattered leg. It took orthopedic surgery and five months of convalescence before he was back to normal. That was when I had a chip put in.

This summer, he went out one morning as usual but did not return. At least a month went by and although I searched for him he had vanished. I finally had to accept that he was gone. Then, one afternoon I received a call from PetLink, reporting that Bertie had been brought to the San Gabriel Humane Society. I rushed over to pick him up and it was indeed him, a little worn and scratched but otherwise in one piece. He had been there for only 30 minutes. They couldn’t tell me where he’d been for the four weeks in between or what had happened, just that he was picked up in San Gabriel. That story will always be a mystery but he’s back. He has been grounded for life, however, and is now an indoor house cat.

I’m very pleased with the PetLink chip and will have one for both my other cats. They are indoor cats but can get out occasionally and I want that protection for them. Thank you again for helping to restore Bertie to his home and family.

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