Published on: January 10, 2024
Author: Lauren Piandes

As pet owners, there’s nothing we want more than to establish a healthy connection with our pets. Sometimes we may not even think of it, but there are very particular ways we can bond with our pets while going about our day-to-day lives. Here are some examples:



This is the baseline for giving your pet attention. Although dogs may not love being brushed or getting their nails trimmed, the best method is finding a soft brush they like and double that with their favorite treats. This can also help with tick control (as in, checking your dog’s fur for ticks regularly), and can ultimately protect your dog from other diseases!

Cats are a different story. Cats, in general, enjoy being groomed. Longhair cats and older/larger cats may have a hard time cleaning themselves, which could result in painful mats that could develop and pull on their skin. When you groom your cat regularly, you can avoid any mat build-up, and spend time with them, giving them two reasons to love you even more.

Safety measure: remember, cats and dogs may not love to be groomed on some sensitive areas of their bodies (stomachs, feet, and tails). It’s best to start with easier areas (head, back, chest) then only focus on the sensitive areas for short periods. All dogs and cats are different, but it’s good to stay safe, and watch for signs that your pet has had enough!


Cuddling & Playing

This might be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that the time you take to cuddle and play with your pet strengthens your bond! Companion animals are companions for a reason, and when you take the time to lay on the couch with or play outside/in the living room with your pets, they look at you as a part of their pack.

Not only that, but according to this article by the CDC, regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. So, really, playing and cuddling is a health benefit for you and them.


Building Routines

Daily routines create structure, but also create a bond. Both cats and dogs benefit from routines that make their days full. When you and your pet know specific times for feeding, playing, relaxing, etc. they will become more affectionate towards you.It might seem like your cat is waking you up because they’re just hungry (they are), but besides that, they want you to get up to start spending time with them!

A regular walking schedule also allows your dog to be more relaxed about spending time with you, as well as getting regular potty breaks and exercise.


Integrating more of these into you and your pet’s lives will greatly increase both you and your pet’s happiness, health, and friendship. Happy bonding!