On a nice, calm Sunday morning, I was doing a little yard work in the back yard and my two dogs were with me outside. When I finished I brought one dog in as Max, still wanted to stay outside. I thought I had pushed the gate lock all the way closed but it didn’t quite click closed. The gate door eventually opened under its own weight and Max slipped out. About an hour later when I finally noticed he was missing, the panic started and I and a couple of family members spent the next 3 hours combing the streets, alleys and local schools looking for him. We were distraught and sickened after our searches turned up nothing. I then logged into PetLink to report Max missing and provided them with our info, Max’s info, and a current picture of him.

About 5 hours later we were contacted by a local vet that a passer by found him and turned him into them. The vet was able to confirm who Max belonged to because of his microchip and that’s when she contacted PetLink, who then contacted us. Needless to say we were overcome with joy and relief once we were contacted that he was found alive and in good health. We rushed over to the vet to pick him up.

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