State: Tennessee
Posted: April 3, 2024
Author: Jennifer Umphreys

I thought I had made the best decision for my little girl and her brother Hoss in finding them a good home because at the time I was having a hard time providing for myself during COVID. I found a fireman just across from my home who agreed to take them in and provide Asher with the medical care she needed. After agreeing with me to have “joint custody visitations” with Hoss and Asher, the fireman dodged me countless times.


Finally, once I confronted him in person he told me he had given them to someone his wife knew in the next city. As time went on I kept sensing that something was wrong; I could feel my dogs’ emotions. I just knew it. After 22 months of separation and numerous crying binges, I received an email from PetLink in regards to finding Asher. I couldn’t believe it! I hurried to the animal shelter where they had her and did what I needed to reclaim her. I found out, according to whomever reported Asher, that my little girl was picked up/dropped off as a stray; she was roaming in someone’s yard. Asher seemed to have been somewhere where she couldn’t go use the bathroom because, not only by the odor she had, but because of stains on her white coat and her paws. She also appeared to have been deprived of food by the looks of her rib bones and spine. I feel terrible thinking I did this to her. I thought I was making the best choice for both my babies (I didn’t want them to be separated and mourn each other) just to find out Asher was neglected and Hoss’s condition is unknown.


I will make sure Asher doesn’t go through anything like she had endured again because she is back home for good. I hope another miracle is coming and Hoss will be located as well. Thank goodness for PetLink and having my babies microchipped or I would most likely not have had such a semi sweet ending to this story. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

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