State: Pennsylvania
Posted: July 11, 2022
Author: Christopher Arena

Earlier this week Cody was relaxing out in the yard. Since the 4th of July, he’s more petrified of fireworks than ever.  Apparently, someone set off some type of loud explosive in the area and before anyone realized it, he was gone. We set out on a local search of the farm at dusk and he was nowhere to be found.

Upon my arrival home, I received a text that Cody had been found. I contacted PetLink and they supplied me with the phone number of a neighbor that had found him. He was more than a mile away. I soon thereafter received an email from PetLink of their name and number. I contacted the neighbor and we immediately went and picked him up. All this was done without a chip reader to identify him. I can’t thank all involved enough for his safe return in such an expedient manner.

  • Beniva Salazar:

    Oh and what a beautiful pup!  So happy everyone is safe and sound!  I’ve lost my boys more than once in the last two years.  I thank Heaven every day for caring pet people to have kept them safe until we were able to get to them.  Mine are both chipped, but it’s locating them when they are on a mission of exploration.  They make tracks fast!  I love our Albuquerque Pet community!  And surrounding areas, we really do have great people living here.

  • Joy Winnett:

    Glad everyone is home and safe. I

  • Debra Wilson:

    Glad Cody was found.  I know of so many dogs that never make it back home after fireworks.  My Bailey fortunately doesn’t react to them but my other dog is terrified of them.  I stay home on the 4th of July, which happens to be my birthday, usually holding my Bella girl in a blanket with the tv turned up as loud as I can get it.  It just breaks my heart every year.  

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