I had taken Casper to the park to train him for an upcoming Obedience trial when my friend called asking if I could take him to the auto repair shop where his car was being repaired. The day was getting hot so when I got to my friend’s home I asked if I could leave Casper there while we went to see about his car. We were at the auto shop for about a 1/2 hour when I received a text message on my phone from PetLink that my dog, Casper, had been found and to call the number. You can imagine my shock since I thought he was safe in the house and immediately all sorts of things went through my mind; was he hurt? Where was he? How did he get out? Had someone tried to steal him? I was frantic. The PetLink representative I spoke with did a wonderful job in calming me down and connected me with the person who had him.

As it turned out apparently the back door of my friend’s home didn’t close properly and Casper got out to look for me. The neighbor across the street saw Casper running after cars trying to find mine and it was obvious to her that he was not street-wise. Thankfully she and her son were successful in coaxing him to them. She said she knew that he wasn’t abandoned as he was well groomed and very obedient. She went around the neighborhood asking if he belonged to someone but, of course, he didn’t belong to anyone there. She then took him to PetSmart and asked them to scan him for a microchip and got PetLink’s phone number. The rest is history, Casper and I were reunited as soon as I got back to my friend’s home.

I am an AKC obedience judge and also train dogs. I have always recommended that my students have their pets microchipped and now I will be able to emphasize my recommendation with a personal story of my own. PetLink is the best!

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