State: Utah
Posted: December 28, 2021
Author: Emily Cox

On July 4th 2021, our cat was scared by fireworks to the point of getting out of his normal routine and could never find his way home. He always came home every night. For months I would go walking around our neighborhood in his normal hiding spaces and never found him. Weeks, months went by and I was sure he had died. Sunday night, I got a call from pet link that someone had found him alive! We called the operator and was given a phone number to a wonderful woman who had noticed Reingar in the neighborhood and thought he was a stray. Out of the goodness of her heart, she took him in to get scanned and blessed our lives forever. He made it 7 miles away from our home within the months he was gone! We were also impressed that he had gained a lot of weight and seemed relatively healthy from being a stray cat for so long. The pain of his absence ceased, and we are forever grateful we microchipped each of our animals as we would have never been reunited with our sweet cat. Thank you PetLink!


    I’ve decided to keep all my cats indoors for this reason. My neighbor who is a criminal and been arrested numerous times uses bomb type explosive fireworks and it had stressed my outdoor cats so much that I had to make them strictly indoor cats forever. He knows I have cats and did it on purpose. 

  • K.A.:

    Heartwarming story, Emily ❤️ I always insisted on keeping my own cats indoors as development rapidly changed neighborhoods in the cities where I lived. Yet far too many over the years escaped, sometimes returning home, but with each escape they risked never coming back. Sometimes I would hear from neighbors about a cat in the road that looked like it was mine. Now I can hope that PetLink will lead to a happy ending and new beginning. 
    My most recent rescue wandered this townhouse apartment complex for months trying to find his home apartment. He might have been one of the evicted cats that have been increasing in numbers here in this complex. Left to fend for themselves after having depended on humans for food, they don’t know how to hunt to survive. They scavenge for scraps, and are at the mercy of humans (some sadly unkind), “street cats,” feral cats, indoor/outdoor cats, and even wildlife. Some thrive, but most suffer injury and disease. Bite wounds take many lives. My current rescue has been on antibiotics for months, battling infection from a two-entry point bite by a large animal. He was starving and becoming weaker. Some of us in the complex have taken to rescuing the evicted cats, at our own expense. They’re usually intact (not spayed or neutered), almost certainly unvaccinated, without any documented history, ridden with parasites, and at the mercy of the elements. So it’s truly heartwarming to read about your Reingard! It’s especially heartening to know that he thrived on his own. I’m sure he kept looking for you as best as he could, and he might have eventually happened across the right path to you. But the odds are much better with PetLink, as you learned, to your great joy 😊

  • CJ:

    We too lost our cat during the 4th of July holiday 2012. We put up posters, adds on craigs list, and spent months searching the neighborhood and following up every report of a cat matching out missing fur baby’s description to no avail. We searched the all the local woods and roadsides for miles around for evidence of out baby’s demise to no avail.

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