State: Utah
Posted: June 20, 2023
Author: Coleen Steffen

Almost six  years ago 2017, we adopted a cat and named him Maverick. We decided to keep him at daddy’s.  Our two sons fell love with him instantly….but his behavior was very erratic.  They only had him for six weeks and he ran away.  The kids said he was a crazy kitty.  Six months later unfortunately, the father of my children died. Maverick was lost in our grief.

April 2023 I get a phone call from a emergency veterinarian. They asked for my children’s father.  Said they had a kitty named Maverick and that the chip listed my phone number along with dads.  Needless to say it was very emotional for all of us.  Maverick was not in good health. He was very underweight and was suffering from hyperthyroidism which explained his erratic behavior from the past.  We didn’t think he would live. Well we gave him medication and lots of love now he is doing tons better!!!  Maverick is a sign to us that my boys father is with them always. ❤️

  • Kym:

    That is 100% correct!! That is the sign that he is with you it was meant to be, life brings us such wonderful moments we need to open our hearts, see the signs!  Im so happy Maverick is back he is very beautiful!  🐾🧡🐾🧡

  • Mary Glasse:

    Such a beautiful story!

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