Our Bengal cat, Maximus, left our home late at night when opportunity knocked. We visited every shelter and vet in our area. Nothing. Christmas was a few days away and after a long day shopping, as late as 10:30p.m., we headed up to our apartment talking all the way. I then heard a bizarre cry that only Bengals do. I stopped and said to my husband “Did you hear that?” and he said “No.”

Then we both heard the cry again! My husband said “There’s something in the doorway.” I started walking toward the doorway, bags in hand but the little creature scattered fast! I then knelt down and called. The little creature then came up so very slowly, scared. I knew instantly it was MAX! He smelled me and started purring right away! I scooped him up and was shocked to realize that he had not eaten anything the whole time he was gone! He had been hiding somewhere. Being a house cat, even though he’s a Bengal, he knew nothing about surviving on his own.

Knowing that Max is chipped gave me security that when anyone found him we would have him home soon. The whole time Max was gone I kept saying that the best gift I could ever have would be getting my little fur buddy back. God must have heard me because Max is safe in our new home and happy. I am just as happy having him lay in the sink and chasing the old cat around while they are playing!

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